Whether you’re a candidate, an elected official, or someone interested in politics and government, I appreciate your visiting the website of my consulting firm, Alfred Stanley & Associates.

Our team’s primary focus is political fund-raising. If you’re considering running for office, it’s important that you focus on fund-raising first.

What’s a reasonable budget for the jurisdiction in which you’ll be running? Who in your personal network might donate to your campaign? How might you move beyond your personal network so that many people are invested in the success of your effort?

Asking people you don’t know to donate is intimidating for most people, but we’re here to help. Our call room, where many of our clients come to work, is just a mile west of the Capitol in Austin. Our staff is experienced and helpful. Our database has thousands of Texas donors in it already and is regularly updated to meet our clients’ needs. As the principal, I’m there to help you develop your message, to coach, and to help you achieve success.

Whatever brought you here, I hope you’ll explore the content and sign up for our email list. (Holding fun fund-raising events is part of what we do, and if you sign up, you’ll hear about them!) If you think I might be able to help you, let’s talk.

—Alfred Stanley