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Alfred Stanley is one of the top political fundraisers in Texas

Political Fundraising & Campaign Strategy

Alfred Stanley is one of the top political fundraisers in Texas. Political fundraising is typically a candidate’s least favorite part of running for office. Alfred and his team have a proven record helping first-time candidates succeed at raising money, and even enjoying themselves while doing it.

With more than 40 years’ experience winning challenging races, Alfred also provides sound strategic advice. He’ll help you develop your message, launch your campaign, and build the team you need to achieve victory.

Besides political fundraising, Alfred Stanley & Associates provides a variety of services to Democratic candidates. Alfred has an extensive background in graphic design, writing, statistics, computing and management. He will help you establish yourself as a winning candidate on day one. He works regularly with top campaign professionals. Make Alfred Stanley your first hire, and he’ll help you make great choices assembling the team you need to win.

If you’re serious about running for office and making a difference, let’s talk.